Enjoy the Spectacular Chipola River from the comfort of your kayak or canoe. Half day trips are perfect for beginners or families with younger kids. Be sure to reserve your trip today!


Enjoy this 360 view of Lilypad Adventures in your virtual reality headset to see all the amazing things we have to offer!



Our half day trips are perfect for those who are just starting out in kayaking or canoeing or for families who have younger kids as part of their group!

You will launch your kayak or canoe right behind Lilypad Adventures for a trip that usually lasts 3-4 hours long. This of course all depends on how you choose to spend your time on the water. As your cast of the banks of Lilypad Adventures you will start your trip down a path filled with mossy trees lining your way. Then just as you past the river bend, the water becomes crystal blue where you can spot the fish swimming below your feet. 

The rest of your trip is smooth sailing, as the water is flat and easy to navigate through. We have set scheduled pick up times at the end of your trip, so enjoy your leisurely stroll by taking photos, fishing, bird watching, having a picnic on the bank or even jumping into the water to cool off. How you spend your time is totally up to you!



Here at Lilypad Adventures, we offer three different kinds of transportation down the river including: tandem (one person) kayaks, two person kayaks or a canoes that fit up to 3 people. If you are just starting off or have a younger child with you, we would suggest starting off with a canoe, which is easier to navigate through the waters. Are you a little more skilled and looking for solitude with Mother Nature, if so then our one seater kayak is the perfect fit.

As always feel free to enjoy the recreational sports while you float down the river. We do allow fishing, from our kayaks/canoes, so be sure to bring your poles and lures with you. There are spots on the bank for your family to swim or have lunch.  

Don't worry if you get to Lilypad Adventures and realize that you have forgotten something. We have a general store on site that has everything you could ever think of, including ice for your coolers, cameras, flip-flops, sunscreen and even dry bags for your cell phones. You can rest easy knowing that we are here to make sure that your adventure is one that you will remember for a lifetime. 


Half Day Trip Quick Look:                  3-4 hours on the water

Cast Off – From Lilypad Adventures
Skill Level – Beginner
Physical Level – 2 out of 5
Kayak or Canoe – Both Available

Bring Your Own $25
1 person Kayak $30                            
2 person Kayak: $35                    
Canoe fits up to 3 people: $35

Fishing All Day: $10 per person                                    Play All Day Wristband: $10          

All Trips Include:

Your Choice of Kayak or Canoe
PFD (Life Jacket)
Straps For Coolers

What To Wear:

Clothes you don’t mind getting wet
Swim suit/board shorts & T-Shirt. 
Cover-ups ( Avoid cotton if possible)
Water Shoes or Sandals
Hat & Sunglasses          

What To Bring:  

Bag Lunch, Bottled Water, Snacks Camera & Dry bag (optional) 
Extra change of clothes
Beach Towel (s)
Recreational items: Fishing pole, etc.
Please lock valuables in your trunk